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1977 with Dino Motorcycle
I bought it in 1977
Motorcycle Motorcycle
It can carry quite a load!
Motorcycle Motorcycle

1974 Honda CB550

With 92,905 miles on it, this Honda never left me stranded (although there were a few times when I managed to carefully return home with a broken clutch or throttle cable). Mostly used around town, it did take me to Atlantic City, Harpers Ferry, and Atlanta. After 34 years of maintenance, I grew weary and wanted a newer machine. So I retired it (sold it to a chap who intends to turn it into a café racer) in June 2011 and replaced it with:

V-Star 650 V-Star 650
V-Star 650
V-Star 650 V-Star 650
2007 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic
I removed the passenger seat and put a trunk in its place. I found the Memphis Shades Slim MEM4120 windshield was too small at highway speeds, so I replaced it with the larger Fats MEM3812 (above two pics).