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Storm of February 6, 2010

Depending on which measurements are counted, this was either our biggest or second-biggest snowstorm in history -- I measured 20 inches, but quite variable up to 28 or so. The snowplow had broken the main feeder shelf doing cleanup on another snowfall a few days earlier. It's temporarily taped up in these photos. (A few of these pics are from storms earlier this season -- can you tell which?)

Storm of February 10, 2010

I measured another foot, but area reports were in the 22 inch range.

February 13, 2014

Storm of January 22/23, 2016

Winter storm Jonas measured a record 29.2 inches in Baltimore. It's hard to decide where to measure with all of the drifts, but it was above my 24 inch lampost marker.

I had to shovel a path and uncover my birdbath! And was glad to see that my chimney cover is doing its job. Most everything has two feet of snow on top, but I guess the combination of heat from the furnace and strong winds knocked most of the snow off of it.

The road west and east, along with the western half of my driveway. At right is the unfinished plow job on the eastern half of the driveway!

I had to shovel a larger area to be able to get the car into the garage.

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